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UnIATA - Unfuse International Architecture Thesis Awards 2018. Serves as a platform to create a collective community of architects, designers and students, broadening the horizons of architecture discipline. Sep 27, 2017 This call for submissions was submitted by an ArchDaily user. If you'd like to submit a competition, call for submissions or other architectural 'opportunity' please use our "Submit a Call for.

Architectural Thesis Award 2019 – aasarchitecture We aim at promoting, rewarding and giving visibility to young graduates of architecture who are capable of bringing forward exceptional works, ideas and experimentations, taking architecture to the next level, to change the kind of built environment around us and make a better world. The contest is open to all recent graduates in architecture and building engineering who have developed a thesis project in the period from January 2016 to January 2019 in the following areas architectural design and adaptive reuse, landscape architecture & Urban planning, structures and technological systems, parametric architecture. Logo

ATA2019 Archistart With the rapid increase in the number of architectural colleges in the state, evident is the fact that there is a lack of complete understanding of architectural education and consequently, the profession. Architectural Thesis Award. Archistart promoted the third Architectural Thesis Award, the international thesis award, launched with the aim of promoting, rewarding and giving visibility to young talents in architecture.

UNFUSE INTERNATIONAL ARCHITECTURE THESIS AWARDS 2019. As a panacea to this, we focus on bringing into public light the tremendous effort and energy spent by students over the course of five years. UnFUSE International Architecture Thesis Award UnIATA 2019 is a step taken to identify and promote such exceptional projects across the globe. UnIATA will focus on the graduate and undergraduate projects happened in last 3 years and will bring it to the community of Uni.

ATA2020 Archistart The competition is open to all recent graduates who have completed their thesis project in the field of architecture. The first, the second and the third editions of the Architectural Thesis Award ATA2017, ATA2018 and ATA2019 were a great success among young talent in the architecture’s world. Archistart is the “home” of all the architecture thesis and, specifically, of the following theses categories architectural design, urban and landscape planning.

UnIATA - Unfuse International Architecture Thesis Awards 2018 The students are to register with details and submit a softcopy of their thesis sheets along with an authentication letter from the college in our online portal. UNFUSE will acknowledge outstanding thesis and will promote it at a global scale through our online platform, media partners, social channels, and also in the form of a book presenting the best.

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