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Horror Book Reviews - Submissions HORROR PALACE™ The cover and overall look of this book live up to the title, matte and eerie, hauntingly grim yet alluring. We strive to provide honest and unbiased horror book reviews that promote the readership and popularization of horror books. Why a Horror Palace Book Review? 1. Your book will receive an unbiased professionally written critique. 2. Your review will be featured on the Horror Palace home page for a minimum of two weeks. 3. We will

Horror Book Reviews Kirkus Reviews Add in the charcoal and carbon pencil illustrations of Drawing in Dark’s Karen Ruffles, and before you even get to the stories, the promised sombre tones are already delivered. Two dozen of them in total, short and sweet (or not necessarily sweet, more of a bitter dark-chocolate kind of sweet), they offer a variety of spooky glimpses into the shadows, whether of the mundane world or with a more paranormal turn. A young woman must face her destiny in Quinton's The Phoenix Stone A Dark Beginning, 2019, etc. horror novel set in 1963 New full book review

Horror Novel Reviews – Honesty in the Terror Others include deals with shifty devils, what lurks in the dark woods or desolate farm-fields, childhood monsters we never quite escape, old lore with more than a grain of truth, some E. Comics or Twilight Zone table-turning comeuppances, the perils of taking souvenirs from graveyards or mysterious vendors, folklore come to life, and all-too-real nightmares. May 10, 2019 in Authors A-L // Book Review for iHunt Killing Monsters in the Gig Economy by David A. Hill Jr. May 2, 2019 in Authors A-L // Michaelbrent Collings, Terminal review April 30, 2019 in Authors M-Z // Book Review for The Demon of Decay by Alex C. Gates

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Horror Book Reviews HORROR PALACE™ The writing style often comes across more passive than I’d like, and maybe too many of the stories open with the weather (I only noticed because I read them one after the other). Horror Palace provides honest succinct horror book reviews. Each is a concise summary of the book providing a description, critical analysis, and evaluation of its significance as a horror book. Importantly, our evaluation will help you determine if you would appreciate and enjoy reading it. Latest Horror Book Reviews

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